Practical Dementia Care Action Guide Course Information Page

Welcome cheap viagra overnight to the information page for the Practical Dementia Care Action Guide Course! If you and your Loved One are new to the Dementia Journey, or have been traveling for a while – this course is for you. This course provides, just what it says: PRACTICAL dementia care in the form of advice, guidance, tools and tips. The information provided in this course is based on my professional nursing experience caring for adult cardiac, dementia, medical-surgical, and rehab patients. It’s also based on the time I’ve spent providing care to my paternal grandmother and both parents. This course is about more than clinical knowledge. This is about a deep and personal connection to, and gratitude for the things I wish someone had told me when my journeys began.

The course provides hands-on information that you can begin using today. This course helps with overwhelm, communication concerns, financial issues, safety, self-care and so much levitra in finland more. The cost of the course is $97.00. The content is yours for life, and the first 25 people who purchase the course will also receive FREE UPGRADES FOR LIFE! Any updates or additions to the course will automatically be added to your purchase. Here’s what you receive :

Module 1A New Normal

This video covers the possible challenges associated with a dementia diagnosis

* Your reaction to a dementia diagnosis

* Your Loved One’s reaction to a dementia diagnosis

* Finding hope

Module 2 – First Actions: Legal

The actions you need to take while your Loved One is still able to be actively involved in the decision-making process

* Powers of Attorney

* Last Will & Testament (and more)

Module 3 – First Actions: Safety

Telephone and internet scammers, taking away the car keys. These and more topics covered in this module

* medication management

* transportation

* stay at home OR facility living

Module 4 – Action Guide: Communication

This module covers spoken and written communication, as well as alternative methods to communicate and stay connected

* the spoken word (& phrases to avoid)

* the written word

* music, photos, communication board

Module 5 – Action Guide: Self-Care

Rest, relaxation, nutrition and other acts of self renewal are essential. Essential for our well-being, and essential for the ability to care for others

* Self-Care is NOT selfish

* respite care

* movement, meditation, journaling

Module 6 – Community Support

No one can do this buying cialis without a prescription on their own. You are part of a community that when connected, can lessen your sense of loneliness and suffering.

* local & national support groups

* governmental & military support

* social media support

If you are ready to take the next step and be proactive in caring for a Loved One with dementia, head over to the Practical Dementia Care Action Guide Course sales page.

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