How The Journey Started

As a woman of Color, who just happens to also be a nurse, I’m well aware of the effects of heart disease. At age six I watched my mother pass out while walking levitra fast delivery to our bathroom because her blood pressure was too high. After that frightening eye-opener, I had a better idea as to why we rarely had bacon or sausage at breakfast, and why after binging on pig’s feet & “chitlins” my mother would suffer headaches for days on end. High blood pressure, high cholesterol and TIAs (mini-strokes) permeate both parents’ family trees. Knowing that even small steps with lifestyle changes can have a huge positive effect on heart disease, and knowing this information is not getting to the women (and men) of Color levitra fast delivery who can most benefit is very upsetting for me.

My goal is to provide this missing information. I want to help people, especially women of Color to stand up for better healthy living, one step at a time, for their benefit, the benefit of their families and the benefit of their communities.

I also have experience in physical rehab, hospice, long-term care, and dementia care. As a patient advocate, I assist patients and their families communicate better with healthcare providers by giving the information, words and tools to speak with healthcare providers, in order to get specific answers to your specific questions.

Let’s work together for a healthier future.

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