365 Messages Bonus Bundle : Self-Care for the Caregiver

Self-Care for Caregivers

First, thank-you so very much for purchasing the book, 365 Soulful Messages : The Right Guidance at the Right Time. I know you will find many stories to support you in your growth towards your higher self. Haven’t purchased the book yet? Go here, purchase, and come back to download your bonuses.

I’m Debra Lee James and I’m a nurse with many varied nursing experiences. My passion is working with patients and families dealing with dementia. I helped my father care for his mother when she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. I helped care for my father after his diagnosis in 2016. He died from complications of Alzheimer’s in July 2019 and I’m Blessed to have been with him & my mother before and during his Transition. For these and other reasons, this topic resonates deeply with me.

The emotional and physical requirements of caregivers is great. No matter how great the love towards the person being cared for, the caring itself can drain caregivers’ reserves. The train needs a fueled engine to complete its journey. The caregiver must be well, or the loved one receiving care is adversely affected. This bundle is to uplift, encourage & inspire. Please click here to download your free bonus gift bundle.

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